Writing to Get
Things Done®


6-8 Hours | $395 Per Person
6-8 Hours + 3 hrs. of Zoom | $495 Per Person


7 Hours | 1-2 Day Option

This is not a remedial writing program for “problem writers.” This course is for everyone who needs to work with other individuals, teams, departments, and clients to meet important deadlines, keep projects on target, and solve problems.

“Companies lose an Estimated $400 Billion in lost productivity due to bad writing” – Brad Hoover, CEO of GrammArly

Give your team the tools to write clear, effective emails and other documents that motivate people to read, respond and act. Help your organization meet important deadlines, keep projects on target and solve problems.


Writing to Get Things Done® (WGTD) promotes direct, on-the-job business writing skills and cooperation from all levels of leadership. Whether communicating with colleagues, subordinates, customers, or managing your boss, leaders must write in the spirit of cooperation to clearly communicate what to do, why/how to do it, and when.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Simplify the structure of your writing
  • Organize documents according to the three models of WGTD
  • Start emails with the action item
  • Share technical information with non-technical people
  • Clarify your thoughts before writing
  • Eliminate business-speak and use a language of getting things done
  • Separate the readers’ needs from the writers’ needs
  • Develop a professional tone that encourages cooperation
  • Use a listing paragraph format to highlight key ideas

One Step Closer to
Getting Things Done

Engage with Berry Writing Group in the way that works best for your organization—whether you’re an individual, have a small team, or need enterprise or governmental pricing.

Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
For Individuals or Any Sized Team
  • Self-directed, on-demand online course.
  • Activities & quizzes.
  • Short video clips & animations.
  • Narrated lessons.
  • 30-day work plan to apply learning.
  • 30-day access to course
For Teams of 20+ People
  • Everything in Package 1, plus:
    • Three hours of Zoom follow-up session with Stan Berry, CEO and author of WGTD
    • Downloadable Companion Book
    • Recommended 5-day course agenda: SCHEDULE
For Enterprise
  • Everything in Package 1, plus:
    • Multiple Zoom follow-up sessions from Package 2
    • Downloadable Companion Book
    • Recommended 5-day course agenda
    • Discounts available for groups over 100
Price $395 $495 Custom
Study Time 6-8 hours 6-8 hours + 3 hours of Zoom Sessions. 6-8 hours + 3 hours of Zoom Sessions for groups of 25.

Looking for more? We also offer in-person classes for groups of 20 or more. Contact us for more details.


All Levels




8 chapters


American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) Certification Institute


6-8 hours over 5 days: SCHEDULE


Internal microphone
Internal webcam


Our self-directed online course challenges the mind and keeps you engaged with interactive learning aids for all learning styles.

  • Engage with activities and quizzes
  • Watch short video clips and animations
  • Listen to lessons through narration
  • Review and revise writing samples to apply learning
  • Transfer learning to the workplace with a 30-day work plan

Boost Your
Bottom Line

  • Save time and money from ineffective communication and missed deadlines and opportunities
  • Reduce ambiguous emails and inbox clutter
  • Build a more confident workforce and increase support for your organization’s mission

Enhance Team Performance

  • Increase cooperation and trust between team members
  • Build confidence, leadership skills and influence
  • Improve team performance and promotions

Over the course of four years, we’ve scheduled about 40 Writing to Get Things Done® classes. We now have a critical mass of people who are writing to get things done!

Roger Grothe, Manager Training & Development, Unisys/Lockheed Martin


Stan Berry

Stan Berry is the lead instructor and energy engine of the learning team at Berry Writing Group. His peerless, 40-year track record, engaging teaching style, and immediately effective platform have made him an office and boardroom favorite at numerous Fortune 500 and government organizations.

His teachings have improved the writing skills of over 100,000 scientists, executives, attorneys, engineers and other professionals.

And along with his courses and countless technical manuals, Stan has authored five books on Effective Communication for Successful Leadership that he uses in his seminars.

The Most Immediately Effective Writing Course

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