Speaking to Get
Things Done

On-Sight Workshops

2 Day Workshop | Up to 20 People | 2 Instructors

3 Day Workshop | Up to 20 People | 2 Instructors

Give your team the tools they need to get to the point clearly and quickly during presentations, leaving their audience informed and inspired to get things done.

“Public speaking is not for the faint of heart, but it Can be so much fun!” – Stan Berry

This very interactive learning experience leads participants to build upon their own natural speaking style in a fun, safe, and creative open lab-learning environment.

students overcome their fear of speaking BY learnING how to:

  • Organize ideas in a coherent, meaningful structure that is easy to follow
  • Carry the listener from one idea to another
  • Gain confidence when speaking to any size audience on any type of platform – in person or web-based
  • Use breathing techniques that give you control and power
  • Become aware of distracting mannerisms and how to deal with them
  • Become aware of distracting mannerisms and how to deal with them
  • Make the speaking experience enjoyable—for both the audience and the speaker
  • Use the body to give emphasis to what is being said
  • Work better with your coworkers through team-building exercises
  • Use your voice effectively


Berry Writing Group provides the ultimate mix of one-on-one coaching, group exercises and real-time feedback. By giving several presentations a day, ranging from one to five minutes while receiving in the moment feedback from instructors and peers, your team will master the three key competencies of powerful presenting: content, delivery, and presence.

The Power of Content

Organize content and learn to use effective transitions. Communicate ideas quickly, clearly and concisely by learning the elements and theory of BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) presentations and how to construct them. Participants will increase confidence for giving compelling presentations at a moments notice that get things done. 

The Power of Delivery

Everyone has their own natural speaking style. Our speaking course encourages you to use it, not lose it. Make friends with your speaking anxiety, expand the use of your breath, and play with the dynamics of your voice, movement and silence to keep your audience engaged.

The Power of Presence

Presence is about being vulnerable and influential at the same time. Learn how to do this authentically so you can thrive and command the speaking platform from the first word to the last. Experience how your authenticity and ability to connect with your audience creates the presence from which you thrive as a presenter.

“It’s one of the most important skills that any manager should have. Many times you see many great business ideas not making it because they’re poorly written or because your audience does not understand what you want to communicate.”

Avinash Malshe, Assistant Marketing Professor, University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business


Stan Berry

Stan Berry is the lead instructor and energy engine of the learning team at Berry Writing Group. His peerless, 40-year track record, engaging teaching style, and immediately effective platform have made him an office and boardroom favorite at numerous Fortune 500 and government organizations.

His teachings have improved the writing skills of over 100,000 scientists, executives, attorneys, engineers and other professionals.

And along with his courses and countless technical manuals, Stan has authored five books on Effective Communication for Successful Leadership that he uses in his seminars.

Hands-On & Immediately Applicable Speaking Training

Include Berry Writing Group in your leadership development curriculum by scheduling time for a Virtual Workshop.

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