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Turn your workforce into a team that writes and speaks with one goal in mind: to get things done. Berry Writing Group offers the fastest and most immediately effective virtual writing course for businesses. Classes are enrolling now.

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You’re Giving Them a Reason to Skip It

Executives get anywhere from 70 to 500+ emails a day and only a small fraction contain a clear action item and a deadline.

We teach your team to communicate effectively by making emails clear, actionable and deadline-oriented. Take back your time and get things done.

  • How many FYI emails do you get a day?
  • How many written reports leave you wondering “so what”?
  • How much is all this costing your company?

Choose Your Corporate Training Adventure

We’ve been training teams to communicate with clarity and work together, better for more than 40 years. Our tools have been successfully used by the U.S. Navy and top Fortune 500 Corporations such as Citicorp, Lockheed Martin, and Levi’s. From lawyers to engineers and everyone in between, everyone walks away with a smile — and skills they didn’t have before.

With other training, it’s hard to figure out how to actually apply the skills. But after working with Berry Writing Group, I noticed a difference right away.

Carlee Arellanes, Talent Development Specialist, F&G Annuities and Life

Meet Your Learning Coaches

BWG is the brainchild of Stan Berry, lead instructor and energy engine of your learning team. Together, BWG has trained more than 100,000 executives, attorneys, scientists, engineers, architects, CPAs and other professionals – many at Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

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