Polishing Your Grammar
& Business Writing


6 Hours | 1-2 Days | $395 Per Person

Course includes a book authored by lead instructor, Stan Berry.

Master key grammar skills in this fast-paced, thought-provoking and, yes, fun workshop for everyone from entry-level employees to senior management. Never waste time over-thinking grammatic decisions in business writing again.


The fastest, easiest way to make your writing more professional and effective.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

Think through the most common grammatical errors that people in business make, including:

  • Subject/verb agreement
  • Sentence structure
  • Pronoun usage
  • Correct word choice
  • Verb usage
  • Current capitalization usage
  • Current punctuation usage


Berry Writing Group teaches standard American usage to address the biggest grammar problems people face, including proofreading, punctuation and sentence construction. At the beginning of each course, participants take a 48-question pre-test that produces a Grammar Profile of strengths and weaknesses. By the end of the course, participants experience 80-90% improvement.

  • Learn the true nature of grammar
  • Debunk popular myths from English 101
  • Review current standard American usage

“Overall, the readability and length of reports received from my staff have improved considerably. Reports are shorter, contain more useable information, and are much more readable.”

Charles D. Amata, Ph.D., Manager


Stan Berry

Stan Berry is the lead instructor and energy engine of the learning team at Berry Writing Group. His peerless, 40-year track record, engaging teaching style, and immediately effective platform have made him an office and boardroom favorite at numerous Fortune 500 and government organizations. His teachings have improved the writing skills of over 100,000 scientists, executives, attorneys, engineers and other professionals. And along with his courses and countless technical manuals, Stan has authored five books on Effective Communication for Successful Leadership that he uses in his seminars.

Immediately Effective Communication & Grammar Training

Solve the most prevalent grammar problems found in corporate America today by scheduling time for a Virtual Workshop with Berry Writing Group.

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