Writing Clear Policies
& Procedures


8 Hours | 1-2 Days | $695 Per Person

Course includes a book authored by lead instructor, Stan Berry.

Give your team the tools to write clearer, more effective policies and procedures. Berry Writing Group provides fast, engaging training that helps corporate and government teams document actionable, easy-to-follow processes, from simple emails to SOPs to complex user guides.


Write SOPs that everyone will actually read.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Map out the elements of a task before writing
  • Highlight key points for non-technical audiences
  • Use the nine basic formats for procedures
  • Organize the document in a logical, sequential manner
  • Use bullets, indentations and headings to make the organization visually apparent to the reader
  • Use clear, concise language in communicating technical information
  • Proofread to ensure proper grammar


Clear, easy-to-follow policies and procedures allow teams to work smarter and organizations to stay efficient.

Task Performance

  • Reduce time spent on tasks
  • Reduce errors in work product
  • Maintain consistent task quality

Faster Teams

  • Decrease training time for new employees
  • Minimize the disruption of operations during employee absences
  • Measure the quality of an employee’s work

Your Organization

  • Keep business continuity through mergers, acquisitions and disasters
  • Improve company image
  • Comply with laws governing operations

“Overall, the readability and length of reports received from my staff have improved considerably. Reports are shorter, contain more useable information, and are much more readable.”

Charles D. Amata, Ph.D., Manager


Stan Berry

Stan Berry is the lead instructor and energy engine of the learning team at Berry Writing Group. His peerless, 40-year track record, engaging teaching style, and immediately effective platform have made him an office and boardroom favorite at numerous Fortune 500 and government organizations. His teachings have improved the writing skills of over 100,000 scientists, executives, attorneys, engineers and other professionals. And along with his courses and countless technical manuals, Stan has authored five books on Effective Communication for Successful Leadership that he uses in his seminars.

Simple, Fast & Immediately Effective Training

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