Meet Berry
Writing Group

Berry Writing Group delivers online courses, virtual seminars and onsite training workshops that are immediately effective, engaging and lasting—so everyone wins.

Berry Writing Group’s time-tested training is the brainchild of Stan Berry, lead instructor, author of content and energy engine of your learning team. We’re a close-knit family that’s dedicated to making training easy for organizers and enjoyable for participants.

Who We Work With

Berry Writing Group has trained more than 100,000 executives, attorneys, scientists, engineers, architects, CPAs and more. Our training seminars have been successfully used by the U.S. Navy and top Fortune 500 Corporations such as Citicorp, Lockheed Martin, and Levi’s. But no matter the organization, we make sure every employee walks away with a smile — and skills they didn’t have before.

Why Berry Writing Group?

Customers turn to us again and again because working with Berry Writing Group is immediately effective—and enjoyable.

  • We Bring the Right Energy
    No two groups of people are the same. We approach every unique team in every class with the right energy, positivity and enthusiasm to keep members engaged and motivated.
  • We Make Training Fun
    When learning is enjoyable, new skills are more likely to stick. Our courses are led by authentic and honest instructors who believe in what they do—and know how to have fun.
  • Our Approach is Revolutionary
    Writing to Get Things Done delivers memorable, lasting and immediately effective training to teams. Other courses might change the way you write, but ours changes the way you think, leading to better long-term results.

Explore Our Courses

Are you and your team buried in ambiguous emails with no clear purpose or deadline? Are you tired of presentations that leave you wondering what the point was? Berry Writing Group helps close these communication gaps—quickly, easily and affordably—so businesses and government agencies can work better, together.

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