IDS/American Express

This case study is a universal study of all organizations that strive toward excellence through successful leadership.

IDS/American Express has had a long partnership with the Writing to Get Things Done® (WGTD) Program. The Berry Writing Group worked directly with team leaders to improve the culture of IDS’s communication. Over 200 training programs were organized by team leaders. This drove the program through IDS/AMEX organically, as it was not limited by HR or T&D programs.

“All of these testimonials were recorded in one day at the IDS Center in downtown Minneapolis in 1990. Each of these executives invited us to film in their office as they expressed their appreciation for their success with WGTD. These are amazing people and I loved every minute with them and their teams.”

–Stan Berry

Hear these senior executives in their own words share what they love about Writing to Get Things Done and why they used it so extensively:

John Ryan
Senior Vice President and General Auditor

John attended WGTD three times over a six-year period with Lou Fornetti and his direct reports. John made sure every auditor attended WGTD and was using my Audit Report Format for Executive Management, which was soon adopted by all seven of the American Express blue box companies.

Berry, S. Report Format for Executive Management, Journal of the Institute of Internal Auditors (December 1982) 29-32.

Lou Fornetti
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Lou was so happy after the first class that he said he’d do it again with his direct reports in three years, which he did…and again three years later. All 120+ of his financial analysts attended WGTD at least once during this six-year time frame.

Jude Jensenz
Manager, Administration Law Department

After the entire law department personnel completed the WGTD classes, Jude took the intuitive to organize many classes for other team leaders throughout IDS/AMEX who also wanted their team to “Berry-ise” their communications.

Gordon Eid
Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Gordon was impressed that WGTD not only helped his staff write more clearly…it also helped his attorneys make better use of their legal expertise in getting things done.

Bob Gilbert
Vice President

Bob loved watching the resistance melt from his self-confident, highly educated staff during the first hours of the “writing class.”